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Ram Ganesan

We started Söoryen with an intent to make people happy. Our employees, our customers and ourselves! This job is easier said than done. Happiness means different things to different people. This is what gets us motivated, helps us keep going and serves as a guiding beacon. We have grown from our home office roots to a global footprint of 5 offices and over a 100 associates with this core value. Our challenges will be numerous and there will be some steep hills to climb but the one thing that we vow not to lose sight of is the pursuit of happiness.


  • Working at Söoryen Technologies has been an exciting and rewarding experience. Being able to offer our clients the best services means having to stay on top of the latest technologies and services we can put at their disposal; which in turn, creates a myriad of opportunities for personal development.

    - Patrick Gryczka, Software Developer

  • Being a part of the Söoryen family has been a great learning experience. Every day has been fun and exciting and being able to have a direct impact on projects has been rewarding for me. The flexible and transparent environment of Söoryen is refreshing and motivating. I look forward to the growth of the company as well as growing and excelling in my role as a designer.

    - Sarah Lau, Interactive Designer

  • The thing I like the most about Sooryen Technologies is the culture. Working for Sooryen means working in a fun, friendly and multicultural environment while also staying professional. Since I got here in 2015, the great coworkers and leadership have enabled me to learn something new every day and they have also helped me improve as a person.

    - Chris Mucyo, Software Developer

  • I started working for Söoryen with only the aspiration to be a Front End Web developer. Knowing only what I have taught myself, I proved myself capable and have worked my way up to a lead support role for the 1800Flowers Front End team in under 2 years. Söoryen provides you with the proper work environment to grow in this field. By having the proper tools to succeed and being surrounded by a great team, it is easy to grow individually and professionally.

    - Stephen Carlson, Software Developer