Bloomreach delivers a platform that makes website content more discoverable, relevant and profitable. Integrating Bloomreach’s signature SNAP (Search, Navigation and Personalization) onto an e-commerce site requires deep technical expertise and broad problem solving skills.


Sooryen’s client, 1-800-Flowers had acquired a Bloomreach SNAP license for their mobile sites. SNAP could significantly improve 1800-Flowers’ search results with enhanced user functions like autocomplete and autosuggest as well as increase mobile conversions. To make this all work together, Bloomreach SNAP had to be integrated seamlessly onto the Moovweb platform.


Söoryen's strong technical expertise and knowledge of Bloomreach and Moovweb, made it the ideal partner to solve the SNAP integration issue that had until then stumped Bloomreach and 1-800-flowers. Söoryen’s solution went beyond mere implementation to innovation. Söoryen’s novel use of two concurrent API calls allowed for simultaneous display of image and text based on autosuggest. This was a previously unexplored capability within Bloomreach SNAP, and Söoryen had revealed an enhanced functionality invaluable to Bloomreach. As a result, Bloomreach named Söoryen its first “Implementation Partner”, a designation that demonstrated Söoryen’s deep technical expertise and reputation as a innovator.