The Popcorn Factory

The Popcorn Factory has been providing customers with gourmet popcorn, sweets, gifts and much more since 1979.


Build a new mobile platform for M-Commerce site. Previous mobile platform was outdated, slow and did not offer a user friendly experience.



The Söoryen Technologies team utilized the latest in Moovweb technology to create a new mobile platform.

A more user friendly platform was implemented which added value to the user’s overall experience by getting rid of the lagging issue as well as a modern interface.


Average Order
Value +18.5%

Bounce Rate

Conversion Rate

Product Views

Once the Söoryen team implemented the new Moovweb mobile platform there was a positive increase in all top line metrics. Average order value increased 18.5%, bounce rate declined 6.9%, conversion rate went up by 10.7% and the amount of product views increased by 20.2%.