CCPA Compliance Readiness

CCPA Compliance Readiness

Prepare your Business for CCPA Compliance

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Söoryen has a deep understanding of data privacy laws and its implications for digital businesses. Our experience of working with large enterprises on compliances around PCI, GDPR, ADA, etc. puts us ahead of our competitors to make your business CCPA Compliant using our technology solutions and professional service.

Let’s see how the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 can affect your business

Does it apply to you?

Key CCPA Rights

CCPA has been drafted in a way that gives consumers the right to opt-out and be transparent about how their data is collected. The below rights whilst good for consumers can have a significant impact on your business
  1. Right to know whether and what personal information is collected about them
  2. Right to request upon verifiable request what specific categories of information is been collected and how
  3. Right to say “no” and opt-out of data selling
  4. Right to delete personal information upon verifiable request
  5. Right to equal service and price allowing a business to incentivize consumers to collect personal information

Exempt Conditions

  1. Your Business has less than $25million in Annual Revenue
  2. Your Business does not possess personal data of more than 100,000 consumers or households
  3. Your Business does not earn more than half of its annual revenue selling consumers’ personal data

Our CCPA Services

Readiness Assessment

Our experienced team will assess existing privacy guidelines and compliance initiatives your business has undertaken to identify risk areas for smooth CCPA implementation. We will provide you with a readiness assessment report that comes with a comprehensive analysis and action points to help you take the necessary steps for compliance

Implementation Advisory

Our team of digital experience consultants data privacy experts will work closely with your Marketing, Technology and Legal teams to create a 90-day executable action plan as per the assessment report to ensure you are fully CCPA compliant. We will join hands throughout the engagement and ensure your business is on track to be compliant in the given time frame.

Privacy Tool Box

Over the years we’ve implemented hundreds of digital experiences with a focus on data privacy and compliance for our clients. We’ve taken those lessons and built our own solutions and accelerators. These tool sets can be readily deployed to tackle significant portions of your compliance needs. Some of the key solutions that we offer are:
  • Third Party Data Scanner
  • Customer Preference Center
  • ADA/WCAG 2.0 Tool Box

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